All terrain exhilarating, downhill gravity racer designed for the leisure industry

Propelled by gravity to give children the sledging experience all year round on any terrain. The Turf-Bob is 6 wheeled and dual braking to provide a simple, cost effective but exciting year round activity.

Open up
the hills
Standard & extreme
Dual brake system
Dual breaks
Off-road pneumatic tyres
Low maintenance
Lightweight construction
Child and adult versions
Family event
“Hill racer, thrill chaser!”.
Built for Leisure
Lightweight, strong construction with simple maintenance makes it easy to operate
Strong frame
Simple maintenance
Any terrain
Designed for any slope
All you need is a slope and smile! Let gravity do the rest
Any weather
Sit in and ride
Engineered for leisure
Any time, any place and anywhere – Turf-Bob needs only a small area and set-up to maximise the fun!
Minimal setup
Minimal infrastructure
Minimal staff requirement
Why choose Turf-Bob

Advice + Support

The beauty of Turf-Bob is it just needs a slope – but we can help ensure you run the attraction safely and at its best

Bespoke track design

As part our partnership, we offer full track consultation to assist you in the planning and construction of an exciting but safe track.

Designed and built in the UK

Your brand on our product

Our Turf-Bob® are bespoke to order, allowing you to match our products to your company branding or theme with ease.

Support & Maintenance

We hold full store of parts to support you throughout the season for any repair or damage needs. For large fleet operators we can quote to provide a support and maintenance package for extra peace of mind.
Pricing options
  • For children aged 5 upwards
  • Dual brake system
  • 8 inch pneumatic tyres
  • Full parts stock available
  • Direct technical support
Get ready for the Next Gen Extreme Sports Racer

Coming July 2021



Find your best slope and off you go! There is minimal set-up required to enjoy this ride.

A rider needs to be confident using the brakes but this product should be fun for all the family.

Our systems come in a minimum of four Bobs to get the best out of the experience for your riders

All our products come with direct technical assistance available and we hold a full stock of parts to assist you with any repairs or damage.

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