Leisure destinations are missing out on £180m annually.

Sep 21, 2023

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A new analysis has shown the leisure sector in the UK is missing out on up to £180m a year in additional revenue from electric vehicles for children.

The study was undertaken by Aqualand Industries to highlight the benefits of creating incremental revenue streams in holiday and theme parks, camping sites and other leisure destinations.


The addition of electric vehicles for children can also enhance the customer experience and benefit children by fostering social skills, enhancing cognitive development, promoting physical health, and boosting creativity.


Commenting on the data, Carl Byford, general manager of Aqualand Industries, said: “With many companies facing the challenges of the rising cost of business, it’s essential that additional revenue opportunities are explored. Electric vehicles for children require a small area to serve as a track and require minimal maintenance. Our customers range from family campsites to the largest holiday park operators in the UK, and it’s clear that electric vehicles provide a sustainable revenue stream.”


Operators of UK holiday parks are in a prime position to optimise profits and expand their target audiences by drawing in more guests. The pandemic and Brexit have created a staycation boom, and there is pressure on operators to invest in new attractions to keep guests entertained. While investing in onsite activities will help to maximise visitor spend.


A growing number of holiday parks are investing in renewable energy sources like wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass boilers to reduce operating costs and draw in ecologically conscious visitors. Renewable energy vastly reduces the costs of charging electric vehicles of all sizes.


Aqualand Industries works in partnership with leisure destinations to help them drive additional revenue. The company offers leasing, full purchase or a mixture of both to provide operators with the flexibility they need to introduce the range of products. The Crazi-bugz and Adventure Trukz are designed for children aged from four to 14 years old. Each vehicle comes with a host of safety features to keep riders safe.



Aqualand Industries also provides maintenance and service to its customers for its products and other kit operated by the customer at its locations.


Experienced engineers manufacture the vehicles in Holmfirth to ensure they are robust and meet exacting standards. It owns a number of patents for leisure vehicles, including a motorised surfboard.


Carl concluded: “While there is no easy fix to the complex challenges posed by increasing costs, rising customer expectations, and staffing pressures, leveraging the revenue opportunities provided by electric vehicles will help to unlock the potential of every site. The tracks are developed using existing land and infrastructure to minimise the initial investment, it’s a very cost-effective to drive new revenue.”


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