About us

Award-winning, durable products designed and engineered specifically for the leisure sector worldwide. Find us at holiday parks, campgrounds, activity and adventure centres, theme parks, and anywhere where there is fun and excitement to be had.

As far back as the 1970’s the team behind Aqualand Industries have been highly active in the design and manufacture of a broad spectrum of critical service, high specification mechanical engineering solutions, and more recently in designing innovative products to bring to the leisure market.

We are a family business and wanting to provide our own children with exciting adventures has created Aqualand Industries and its products. Too often we found that, while parents had plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy, often the choice for the younger family members was more limited and did not offer the ongoing excitement needed.

Aqualand’s objective has been to change this and to bring to market new and creative products that have been built specifically for leisure operators and with the intention of keeping young customers coming back time and again. Our products combine design, technology, and safety to provide fun and excitement for the users and new revenue and competitive advantages for our customers.

All of our products are protected by intellectual property, including patents (pending or granted) and design rights