Expanding Horizons: Bringing Leisure Joy to Europe

Nov 15, 2023

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At Aqualand Industries, we’re thrilled to share the exciting news of our expanding presence in Ireland and across the EU.

As pioneers in advanced electric vehicles for leisure destinations, our innovative products—Crazi-bugz, Adventure Trukz, and the newly launched all-family activity, the Adventurer—are capturing the attention of leisure operators worldwide.

Driving Global Excitement

Aqualand Industries, rooted in Yorkshire manufacturing excellence, has seen a surge in interest from independent leisure parks in Ireland and Scandinavia.

Our six-wheeled Crazi-bugz, Adventure Trukz, and the versatile Adventurer are now embarking on journeys beyond the UK, delighting families and creating memorable experiences internationally.

International Success at IAAPA Expo

Our recent participation in the IAAPA Expo in Vienna marked a milestone as we secured orders from enthusiastic clients across Europe.

The demand for our UK-designed and manufactured products remains strong, reflecting the universal appeal of our offerings in diverse markets.

Carl Byford’s Insight

Reflecting on this exciting expansion, our General Manager, Carl Byford, said: “Europe holds a lot of opportunities for our business. It was one of the world’s leading regions for entertainment recovery in the first half of the year, and tourism spending on experiences continues to outpace retail in major European locations. Our products universally appeal to families and offer a proven revenue model for businesses.”

Seizing Opportunities in British Holiday Parks

In a landscape where more tourists choose to enjoy British holiday parks and holidays, there’s a golden opportunity for businesses to enhance their attractions.

Aqualand Industries provides the perfect solution, offering products that not only elevate the leisure experience but also contribute to increased bookings and revenue. Our diverse range of offerings is tailor-made for leisure destinations seeking to leave a lasting impression on their visitors.

Adventure-Trukz Popular UK Holiday Park Attraction

Introducing the Adventurer: Fun for All

Our commitment to innovation continues with the launch of the Adventurer, a four-seat pedal car designed for all family members. Its rugged design and adaptability to various surfaces make it a perfect fit for any leisure destination, providing endless fun and excitement.

The Adventurer

Driving Revenue, Creating Memories

As we anticipate exceeding £1 million in revenue this year, Aqualand Industries remains dedicated to partnering with leisure destinations. Whether through leasing, full purchase options, or a tailored combination, we empower operators with flexibility, helping them introduce our diverse range of products and boost their revenue streams.

Join the Aqualand Experience

At Aqualand Industries, we invite leisure operators to join us in driving joy and revenue. Discover the possibilities our products bring to your business—because at Aqualand, we’re not just creating vehicles; we’re crafting unforgettable leisure experiences for families around the world.

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